date of birth: 

06th May 2008

FCI/VDH/IGS 10/0631923

HD-A1 (free)

gPRA ++ (free)

eyes - cataract: free, 08.11.2010

42 cm

inventory:  30th May 2010 / approved for breeding: 06th July 2010

charactertest: excellent - 18 from 20 points




EXC 1, CACL, Mr. de Gids - Luxembourg

EXC 1, CACS, Mr. Martin - France

SALLYs parents :

Ch.Camagis CONDOR


about SALLY :

Our Sally was birth on 6 May in Fredericia, Denmark (Fanica S- 3 / 6). A Schapendoes Briards to our l Briards we wish for a long time and it was a desire that we now realized, but we had numerous exhibitions in these small, smart dogs and also viewed with some breeders talk. Now it was finally arrived, our Sally moved with us.
Our fears that they Briards between the set, were not in compliance, ahe understand it very quickly to cope with and now find everything smooth. She prefer to sleep under the couch and get her favorite toys "Briard" safely under. Now Sally must first grow up and then it will be nice if all goes well, even to have a litter Schapendoes , but there is still a long way to go. November 2008
Sally has now made all required examinations for the admission and discipline is always healthy. This brings us to continue on their way to breed a large piece. That just leaves an exhibition and the time mid-year could soon begin to Sally inventory. November 2009

On 30.05.2010 Sally is taken to her inventory. Now we wait fot the outcome of breeder body. May 2010

On 06.07.2010 we received notice, that Sally is fully approved for breeding.

HNower first litter she gave them safely and confidently their life! Look under : -puppies-. March 2011

  Many thanks, lovely Sally for this nice puppies !!

thanks, Inge and Charly, for our <sun-shine> !

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